How to become a member of the church

It is fairly well known that all are welcome to participate in the services and sacraments of the Liberal Catholic Church whether they are members or not. This is in keeping with our understanding that Our Lord meant His presence to be freely available in the sacraments to all who approach in reverence. However, many people have wondered how to become a formal member of the Liberal Catholic Church and St. Raphael’s.


Baptism is required for membership, but if you have already been baptized in another denomination, it is not unnecessary to be rebaptized. If you are already baptized, you may be admitted as a member in a brief ceremony called "A Form of Admission to the Liberal Catholic Church" found in our Liturgy. Unbaptized persons or those who feel that their rite of baptism may not have been complete may be baptized according to the rite of the Liberal Catholic Church, in the complete and ancient form including the anointing with blessed oils.

St. Raphael’s provides opportunities for adult study of Christianity in preparation for Baptism or admittance as a member at various times throughout the year. Reading materials are also available for your preparation. You should discuss your individual needs for preparation with the clergy.

Membership implies that you will support the Church and the Parish spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. There are no specific or mandatory obligations, just participate and help as you wish. Of course, if you do wish to become deeply involved, more hearts and hands are always needed in conducting the activities of the Church. Our primary purpose is to worship God and to serve the members of our community with the rich heritage of the Liberal Catholic Church. We come together in bliss and offer all that we have and all that we are to Our Lord. You are most welcome to join us!