For more historic pictures, come visit St. Raphael's

Part of the Bay Area for nearly 100 years!

St. Raphael's has been in the Bay Area since 1924.  Incorporated in 1925 in the state of California is has been graced with numerous clergy who have gone on to start their own congregations in other states.  St. Raphael's has traveled the bay, owning it own building in some decades, renting or meeting for services in private homes for others.   In it's 92 years it has been in Oakland, San Francisco, Hayward, Marin..... and now after some wandering it has a permanent home once again with a beautiful building and chapel to call it's own in Richmond.  Part of the Historic Downtown Richmond, the clergy and members have embraced the downtown community and efforts to revitalize the downtown area.  We welcome you to attend some of the local events, come see our wonderful little gift shop, stop at our Mary alter to light a candle for a loved one, attend a service, and enjoy the peace of the Chapel. 

Father Mathias, Father Edward and the rest of the clergy and laity welcome you!