Liberal Catholic Church Clergy

The orders of the clergy of The Liberal Catholic Church were derived through the Old Catholic Church of Holland which became independent from Rome over two centuries ago. Through this Apostolic Succession, unbroken since the time of Christ, The Liberal Catholic Church aligns itself with the historic church in past centuries. The clergy are neither forbidden nor enjoined to marry. They serve without personal remuneration. The clergy claim no authority over the individual conscience; rather, stress is laid on their function as ministers of the Divine Sacraments, ready to serve those who may ask or need their help.

Rev. Edward Gonzales, Priest

Rev. Edward, a sr. software engineer by trade, began his watch as the main officiating priest of St. Raphael's in October of 2015.  With deep experience and knowledge in esoteric studies, philosophy and theurgy, Father Edwards sermons never fail to engage and enlighten.

Deaconess Imelda H.S. Brown

Rev. Mathias van Thiel, Priest

Rev. Mathias, a retired scientist with Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Father Mathias is a Third Generation Liberal Catholic Priest; his grandfather being ordained by Bishop Charles Leadbeater.  Father Mathias' ability to weave science and spirit  make for a captivating sermon.