How to Use the Prayer List

The preferred and most sure method to add someone to the list is to send an email to:

prayers at straphaelslcc dot org OR St.Raphael'sLCC at gmail dot com

Prayers during Holy Eucharist for specific personal intentions have a very powerful effect. With the energy of the entire congregation and the Holy Angels focused on a need, we have had many, many reports of effective help. Our prayer list is for the use of all members.

The priest focuses his attention on each of the names on the list during Holy Eucharist with the intention of a portion of the healing energy of the service to be dedicated to the needs of that person. In our church, we believe that angels are appointed to carry the spiritual energy to the person being prayed for wherever they are, and to administer the blessing for the person's benefit in whatever manner is expedient for their health and spiritual growth.

There are three divisions in the list. Here is an explanation.

  1. sick and suffering, or any other support: 1 month - 3 months
  2. souls soon to be born and their mothers-to-be: during the entire term of pregnancy and for several months afterwards
  3. the recently deceased: for approximately 6 months after passing.

We attempt to use the prayer list with intention and a sort of "spiritual economy". Absolutely the most powerful way to send powerful spiritual influence to your loved ones is to come to Eucharist and add your energy to the congregation as you pray for your intention. Additionally, adding their name to the prayer list is clearly beneficial and of course the continuity of the help will continue when you cannot be in church.

Those living outside of the San Francisco Bay Area are also welcome to submit names for our prayer list.

Please specify a length of time for those added to the sick and suffering list appropriate to the difficulty. One or two weeks makes sense for a cold or flu. Three months would make sense for a long hospitalization or recovery. You can update your request at any time.


Please submit names of your family, friends and associates who would not object to being placed on our lists. Some people value their privacy and anonymity very highly. In any case, the names are not read aloud, and are primarily known only to the clergy and servers, although there is no guarantee of secrecy.

If you wish the priest to know about the specifics of the need, such as the nature of an illness, just contact him personally. These details are not recorded by the church, and in fact, there are now laws which prohibit disclosing a hospital stay or medical condition without the person's express permission. We believe that the angel carries loving and healing energy from the Eucharist to the one in need, and that this blessing contains within itself the discrimination of how it is best applied.